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Ladies and gentlemen! Do you know about Windows? The operating system made by Microsoft that dated back to 1983 when it was first used to interface MS-DOS.

But what is Windows? It is an operating system, yes it is. An operating system is what I would call a program, but is designed to interface your computer and make it user-friendly. What I mean is Windows was designed to let people do things like email and playing games easy enough that a lot of people can manage it. That audience includes people who are technologically illiterate.

Now, here is the meat of the matter. Is Windows the only OS out there? Ha! Perish, the thought! There's also Linux and Macintosh, but they are among the most popular OSes next to Windows. Microsoft Windows is regarded a a monopoly in the computer world, because most computers will already have Windows.

But have you heard of any other OSes? Hardly not have I! So, that brings us to our topic today: Operating Systems that either you haven't heard of or never used before.

ReactOS: A Copycat to Windows

Among the 10 most interesting OSes is ReactOS, the Windows NT clone. When I mean NT, I mean the file system used by Windows XP. The project has been made by scratch but closely follows the customs and workings of Windows, while being open source and free. Think of it this way, you'll have a new Windows under a different name, under different programmers, and under the General Public License.

Alright, now don't get confused! Although I said clone, I didn't mean it. ReactOS is a OS of its own, but the project workers have used the provided documentation and legally provided information to create this, and they do have their own ideas. This is one interesting OS, so go check it out!
ReactOS homepage

Syllable: another simple OS

Click here to see what you're missing out on! This OS is known for having 2 separate parts, the Syllable Desktop, and the Syllable Server. Having them work together gives you some extra goodies, but if you aren't working on a server, then it doesn't matter. Syllable OS is easy to learn and free to use for office and home alike. For for info, click on the link above.

KolibriOS: An OS that fits on a floppy

This is KolibriOS. It is an OS that is made completely out of Assembly; therefore, it is compact and with some other goodies as well. However, there are some add-ons that take some room and won't fit on a floppy disk. As well with any other os, here is the link:


I think that should be enough for now. This article is just a preview for what I use as a source. Head over to this website to see what more OSes are out there. There are a lot of good ones out there, and they are good. That concludes this article.