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"Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either" - Albert Enstein
If you are faithful in the smaller things, you are faithful in the larger things - Luke 16:10. Admittedly, this was talking about sprituality, but it applies everywhere.

Take this quote from : . A person's real self can be discerned through how they handle the smallest of matters. Take an example: suppose you had a nice young man who spoke softly and kindly to people in public. But at home, he is not quite as polite and orderly. Perhaps he is actually quite rude or annoying to his family members. Would you think well of him then? Probably not. But in any case, you can say that how a person handles smaller issues, like minor annoyances and tedius work...will be how he reacts to larger issues, like a big project or an unexpected dilemma. And really, we just don't have enough of those, do we?

Well with that said, the purpose of this site is to help you learn how to deal with smaller problems effectively. And how to develop good character traits that are necessary for some tasks or issues. To excite and educate on the subjects of plants; the ornamental marigold, for instance; or the delicious cucumber; or even the medicinal alow vera—gardening is a truly fascinating topic! Growing your own food, medicine, or just flowers is a self-sustainable practice that will go a long way. You can grow food and get healthy while saving money—a win-win situation!

This site will also attempt at imparting practical wisdom: how to clean yourself, how to eat healthy, and how to use your body and mind to the fullest. If you apply practical wisdom in smaller areas of your life, such as how you make breakfast and eat it, you will thereby fortify yourself for when bigger challenges arise. Using cited information, originating from reliable sources, I will help you enrich your life with useful practices!

But there is a time for work and a time for play. Ancient wisdom holds that you must have a time for laughter as well as a time for seriousness in order to be balanced. With that in mind, whenever I have an anime, comic, manga, tv show, or movie I wish to show you, I will write an article about it with basic information on it, such as premiere date, basic theme of the story, and plot. I will think of mroe things I need to add when I get to it.

This is truly a site with meaning in purpose! So come on down and enjoy the ride! John's Corner articles are down below. Below that are the regular updates.

New Articles on John's Corner

  1. Sweet, Sweet Basil: The Delizioso Italian Herb
  2. The Sweet Basil plant is the most popular of the Basil plants. It is extensively used in Italian, French, Greek and some Asian cuisines. Would you like to have this good smelling herb flavor your dishes? If that is the case, read on. This hardy plant thrives in hot climates with plenty of sunlight. But that is just the beginning. In this article, I will show you how to plant your own Basil garden.

  3. The Benefits of Growing Basil
  4. An article on why more people should grow Basil. It is short, sweet, and to the point. Do not worry—it is much shorter than the first article, shown above.

Regular Updates