Clip from: Vman103 Productions Website: When the leaves towards the bottom turn yellow, this means the plant is getting stressed due to excess water. In contrast, when leaves start to wilt, this means the plant is not getting enough water. When that happens, you can heal the plant just by giving it the water and sunshine that it would need anyway. The damage will fade away. Next, we are going to finish up this article talking about how to take care of your plant, especially when it comes time to harvest. characters: 384 (without spaces) words: 86 Clip from: Jehovah's Witnesses' Website: However, other religious leaders voice strong opposition to same-sex unions. “We are so disturbed by this [bishop’s] decision,” stated Cynthia Brust, spokesperson for the American Anglican Council, a group of conservative Episcopalians. “Same-sex blessings contradict the clear teaching on marriage and sexuality from the Bible,” she said, adding that “sexuality . . . is to be confined to a man and woman in holy matrimony.” characters: 361 (without spaces) words: 65 total characters, words: 1125 (spaces and all), 183
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